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All mechanical and body parts come with 90 days warranty.


Proof of purchase must be provided to validate all warranties.

No allowance is made for the transportation and labour costs incurred in returning parts.


Warrantable parts are not to be disassembled, otherwise warranty is void.



Engine Specific Warranty Terms


Specifically excluded from engine warrantees are:


1) Any ancillaries which may be sold with a motor.
2) Oil leakages.
3) Damage resulting from incorrect or negligent fitting or handling by the customer
4) Any consequential damage.
5) Any labour, fitting or transportation costs.
6) Parts used for competition use or modified from standard forms, as supplied.


Engine Warranty Cover
All engines are covered against major faults, e.g. smoking, knocking, excessive use of oil for a specified period (this will be entered into your written warranty at time of purchase). The warranty is not transferable to another person.


Engine Warranty Conditions
Warrantable part not be disassembled, otherwise warranty void.

1) Radiator to be cleaned thoroughly.
2) Water pump and heater hoses to be in good condition.
3) Thermostat to be replaced.
4) Coolant to be used.
5) Services regularly.
6) Unauthorised repairs will void warranty.
7) Friction modified oil not to be used in warrantable parts.
8) Timing/cam belt to be changed where applicable.
9) Welsh plugs checked/changed.


No responsibility taken for overheated motors. If motor found to be faulty, engine will be repaired or replaced. No allowance on labour charge will be allowed.


For any warranty claim, the vehicle must be delivered to our workshop for inspection and subsequent repairs. There will be no allowances on any transporting costs.