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All hell breaks loose when any part of the car malfunctions or is damaged. The very thought of purchasing spare parts becomes a challenge in itself bringing in unnecessary tension of the car owner. Trouble is aggravated with the increasing number of counterfeit products which is difficult to differentiate from the original. What to do in this case? Read on for a few helpful tips which can soothe your already weary heart. With a few quick fixes, finding and installing spare parts for your car can be a lot easier, cheaper and time saving than you might think it to be.


1. Research: For a person who is not tech savvy or well accustomed with cars can start by a little research. Online resources and car listed websites can help in the same. A little knowledge about the spare parts and its price range can be a lot of help while purchasing and locating the item. This will also help in having a brief idea about the average price reducing the chance of being cheated.


2. Online Forums: Different forums on likeminded people can help a lot to actually point down on a single product depending on the need and utility. Any doubt in mind can be cleared by asking question in the forums which is visited by people with similar need or expert advice. But verification is also important and can be done by viewing several people’s comments and answers. Or even better contacting the local mechanic for a suggestion about the purchase. Nearest dealerships can also be approached to purchase the parts. In case of rare parts, a little more discussion and research online can be helpful. Alternatively people who are not that internet friendly can in person visit various mechanic stalls and dealership showrooms in order to find the right product.


3. OEM: Once you have located your product whether online or physically, it is important to check the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer details. This authenticates the products about its originality and ingenuity.


4. Website: For online purchases of any spare part, it is best to do the purchase through the company website rather than other shopping sites. The risk of purchasing duplicate products is nailed down to nil in this case.


5. Packaging and Warranty: If packaging seems too loud and imprinted with vibrant bold colours, it can be assumed to be a fake product. All original products are neatly packed and sealed and has also accompanies a warranty card and return policy which should be checked thoroughly before purchasing.


It is best recommended not to settle in for fake products as it might be life threatening in case of a car. However, the decision and purchase heavily depends on the need and purpose of procuring the spare parts. It also depends on the age of the car and how long further it will be used, or whether it is meant for resale. The buyer will definitely consider original parts while buying the car and offer a better price in that case. Also buying genuine parts is more secure and safe and a value for the hefty sum of money spent.

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