Car Air Filters

An air filter is generally a fibrous device stationed in the car which helps to attract dirt particles, grease, dust and the like and keep away from entering the cars different internal parts. The quality of a cars air conditioning as well as heating is heavily dependent on the air filter. Longevity of different parts as well as proper functioning of the air conditioning system is greatly affected by a good air filter. Let’s explore the various types and uses of an air filter.

Generally foam, paper, cotton, stainless steel, fibreglass and sponge are used in the air filters. The first air filter used in an automobile was by Nash Motors in the year 1940. The air filter for the cabin is generally a pleated paper. They are generally rectangular in shape or are uniquely designed to fit in the available space. Cited below are reasons why one should install an air filter in the care.

1. Increases effectiveness of the vehicle:

A car owners major concern is maintenance of the car and keeping it in good condition for future cost saving. A good air filter attracts the most notorious pollutants and keeps them at bay, hence increasing the life of the vehicle and cutting down the need for frequent servicing.

2. Removes dirt, oil, allergens from the air:

The general lubrication is heavily reduced without an oil filter. Heavy deposits of dirt and oil form a layer over the various engine parts and thereby increases friction of the machines and affect the lubricating system.

3. The combustion air filter:

The combustion air filter helps in reducing oil contamination by keeping the dust and dirt away from the tank. It absorbs moisture from air which otherwise forms sludge when in contact with dust particles and heavily pollutes and clogs the oil tank.

4. Reduces abrasion of internal motor parts:

Dust and dirt particles as well as oil enter the engine and other parts from air and often causes clogging and abrasion which lead to major wear and tear. In turn the longevity of the motor parts decreases considerably. This can be avoided with an air filter easily.

5. Extends life of filtration system:

The general filtration system of the vehicle is affected if the air entering the vehicle is polluted. More frequent servicing come into play without an air filter.

6. Ventilation system:

The air conditioning as well as the heating system functions best with an air filter. Otherwise dirt deposits contaminate the AC vents and clog them over time leading to malfunctioning and other mechanical issues.

Air filters are generally missed or not considered important by car owners. But a small investment saves a lot of time and money later with increased life of the different motor parts by keeping the air pollutant free. A breath of fresh air is always good, whether it be for humans or for our beloved and treasured cars!

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