5 Useful Tips on Buying a Used car


Let’s explore the 5 best possible tips to buy a used car in the land of kangaroos:


  1. Budget: Planning on a budget is extremely important to get oneself focused as there will be a multitude of options in that car shed. You might get easily confused as to what fits your pocket and get carried away and ultimately buy a model which is over budget. Freezing on the budget range will make it easy for both you and the dealer to select and explore the options with ease.  There are other hidden costs like fuel charges, insurance, maintenance and the like which are to be taken into consideration with the base price.
  2. Researching: Once the budget is fixed a thorough search of the various car types under the umbrella becomes a mandate. This helps in getting informed about the different features and uniqueness of the car and helps in sizing down the final one. There are various helpful websites to aid you in the search and give you a composite list of used vehicles available along with vital information like make, model, date of manufacture, years used, location and the like. The dealers can be approached directly and questioned about the car. Researching will also help to compare the prices quoted by different dealers in the locality.
  3. Past history of the car: Knowing the past history of the used vehicle will thrown considerable light upon its condition. Tenure of usage, reason for selling, legal papers, maintenance history is few are to be enquired upon. Apart from this a major concern can be any information related to the source of procurement of the car. Also make sure to check the car’s bumper in order to find any accidental history. No matter how trusted the dealer is, it is mandatory to check back upon information related to theft, any pending loan or insurance write-off. This can be easily verified by the vehicle identification number against a minor fee. Information is collected from the state database. 
  4. Checking: The car may look and feel good superficially. But on further inspection it might reveal some soft spots. In order to avoid such thing it is best to get the check done by yourself or by a personal professional. Points to look out for while checking are body marks, rust, dents or any other distortions, checking the bonnet, body panels, airbag, oil leak signs and welding signs. The inside of the car is equally important and basic things like the wipers, seat belts, windows, seat covers, mats need a quick inspection. The checks are recommended in broad daylight for a better inspection.
  5. Test Drive: The last lap of the entire process is extremely important no matter how perfect the car looks after inspection. A quick test drive is all you need to sum up the purchase and decide upon your investment. Not only the drive will ensure that everything is working right but also give you the sense of comfort while driving around your future possession. As it is said ‘if it feels good it is yours!’


So keeping these simple handy tips in mind, go around having a great car in your garage in no time and get a good night’s sleep! Your decision will not be wasted.

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