5 Common Car AC Problems

Let’s explore 5 such problems posed by the car’s air conditioning:


  1. Low or no cooling: Lowered cooling is the most common problem faced by car users. The AC cools and purifies the air inside and releases warm air outside. But with time dirt, grime and debris accumulate and cause clogging leading to poor circulation and hence poor cooling. The contamination is the major cause for this problem and can be easily resolved by frequent cleaning. Too much of contamination can lead to serious damage to the air conditioning system.
  2. Strong odor: Winters and moist conditions are the best possible options for bacteria and fungi to multiply rapidly. The dark damp chambers of the air conditioning system are the perfect spots for the microscopic devils to colonize. This in turn gives out foul odors both displeasing to the nose as well as feels unhygienic. That pungent odor of the car is thus nothing but nasty bacteria growing inside the cooling system. The air can get real stale with the growing organisms.
  3. Lowered refrigeration: Refrigerant is the fuel used for the air conditioning system as is diesel used for the car’s engine. Generally the refrigerant level decreases by approximately 15% every year. Surprisingly the levels decrease during the cold winters rather than the summers. The constricted tubes can cause leaks and dry out thereby using much more refrigerant than usual. The problem can be solved by checking leaks and refilling with gas.
  4. Condenser soiling: The condenser plays a vital role in cooling the refrigerant in the cooling system which goes through extreme high pressure. Dirt, moisture and debris cause the condenser to clog and malfunction, leading to very poor or no cooling at all. The jammed condenser can be cleansed by using flushing agents which is extremely volatile and does not leave any residue. If required and severe cases the condenser needs to be replaced.
  5. Other mechanical complications: Various mechanical complications related to AC components can cause trouble. Compressor clutch, pressure switch, expansion valves, driers, accumulators need frequent checks in order to detect any defects or malfunctioning to act with prompt. Damage to any of these parts can lead to no cooling at all.


In order to keep the air conditioning in top shape and avoid unnecessary expenses it is mandatory to look out for warning signals. The different parts of the air conditioning are prone to wear and tear and thus needs equal attention as does the other parts of the car does. Flushing helps to purify the oil inside and thus enhance the cooling system. It is better to be take action before it is too late to revive the system. Cooling not only is pleasing to the body but also purifies the air inside. 

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