Jack Kit For Cars

Cars are considered to be man’s second wife and is indeed a treasure and pride of the owner. Simply purchasing one does not fulfil the need of luxury or necessity but maintaining one is important. With all machines being exposed to wear and tear it is of utmost importance that they go through regular maintenance and periodic health checks.

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How to increase the life of your car

The car is the most loving and passionate possession of one’s life. They spend lots of money to buy a car according to their desire. So moving on with a long ride by your favorite car is just a matter of little bit of care, which everybody needs to follow to increase the life of their car. 

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AC Compressor

Modern times have seen a sea of revolution bringing along simplicity and ease to the human race across the globe. The car is one such example which amalgamates both luxury and necessity. Amongst the various features of a car, the air conditioning is one such blessing. With global warming and temperatures soaring high, air conditioning has become a necessity and no longer a luxury. 

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Tips to Keep the Transmission work in Good Condition

The transmission is easy to maintain, rather it is very difficult to replace. Therefore, it is rather better to take care of your automotive transmission, instead of going for expensive and impossible repairs.


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Car Servicing – Things to Consider Before, during and After Servicing Your Car

Besides owning your car the foremost thing you need to consider is to maintain your car in good condition. Car servicing is imperative to extend the life of your vehicle for many years, it will also reduce your periodically maintenance costs. Simply servicing your car periodically will not be enough to improve its efficiency, there are many other things to consider before and after car servicing for a safer drive in addition to saving you money. 

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Schedule Your Car for General Services – Tips and Tricks

Routine maintenance will help keep your vehicle on the road, a general service is required for your car to maintain and prevent any serious repairs. Changing the engine oil, air filters, brake fluid, coolant and washer fluid are required for proper car maintenance. 

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Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Many a times, car owners take their vehicles for granted. If the car is working just fine and everything seems okay then we tend to avoid certain important things and also unknowingly make some mistakes in the whole process of car maintenance.

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Welcome to Adelaide Commodore Spares New Website!


Welcome to Adelaide Commodore Spares Brand New Website. We are Holden vehicle second hand spare parts experts. We are wrecking Holden Commodore, Astra, Barina, Viva and Vectrta vehicles. If you need any kind of Part for a holden vehicle then give us a call. You can view most of our parts on this website and you can also make direct enquiries about our products.

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