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Driving a Holden car? Let Adelaide Commodore Spares assist you in getting just Commodore spares

Now there is good news for Holden owners worried about genuine spare parts and trustworthy servicing. With the range of parts and services available at Adelaide Commodore Spares, you can always have reliable, low cost, just Commodore spares options when it comes to finding second hand spare parts for your prized Holden. 


With years of experience and a stringent eye for quality, Adelaide Commodore Spares is one company you can always trust to bring you superior spare parts and repair services. You might sometimes find yourself at a loss when trying to replace a particular spare part for your Holden, which might not be easily available or might be expensive to buy brand new. For all those situations, all you need is just Commodore Spares from our company, providing you with high quality spare parts at extremely affordable prices.


The Company


Located in South Australia, Adelaide Commodore Spares has always been a household name when it comes to stocking Holden vehicles and spares. With a large range of makes, models and years of Holden classics, the company has built a reputation as a high quality spares and service providers through years of dedicated work. Just Commodore Spares are a specialty from our company. We not only stock more than 100 Holden cars of various models, but also have access to a large number of Holden vehicles through our network of trusted distributors and dealers. If you are struggling to find a spare part for your Holden, the enthusiastic staff can be of great help. The self-proclaimed Holden fanatics who work for Adelaide Commodore Spares have deep insight about Holden cars from all years and the kind of spare parts that are currently on the market.




Adelaide Commodore Spares offers the following specialized services for Holden models –

  • Spare Parts –Collecting and keeping in stock a large variety of different Holden spare parts across many different models and production years, Adelaide Commodore Spares can help you out when you are looking for that one spare you need which is proving difficult to find.
  • Costs -The prices charged by Adelaide Commodore Spares are extremely competitive and ships whatever you want, wherever you want in just Commodore spares. The catalogue is vast and includes everything from engines to gearboxes and differentials.
  • Fitting Services – For high quality spares, you also need high quality fitting services, Adelaide Commodore Spares offers a comprehensive, all-inclusive fitting service for all of their spare parts.
  • Servicing –Adelaide Commodore Spares offers a wide range of vehicle servicing options, covering all standard and high priority servicing that you need for your vehicle.
  • Wrecker Services –Adelaide Commodore Spares is always interested to buy old and damaged vehicles so as to procure functional spare parts to add to its ever growing catalogue.


With these excellent services, it is just Commodore Spares from Adelaide Commodore Spares that can be your destination of choice if you are a Holden owner looking for high quality and affordable spares. We ensure complete customer satisfaction by offering a full and comprehensive warranty both for the spare parts it sells and its premium fitting service. With support for multiple payment options and staff that are always ready to help you out, Adelaide Commodore Spares is one company you will keep returning to whenever you need good products and service for your Holden vehicle.